About Us

ActionPink started back in 2014 in the home of Roderick & Ashley. The couple, freshly married and hopelessly in love, wanted to be able to make a living at home so they could spend more time raising their children. They combined their artistic passions with their love of pop culture and vintage design to create ActionPink.

Each piece is meticulously hand-crafted and built-to-last in Michigan, USA, using the highest quality materials. We specialize in retro and pin-up designs inspired by pop culture and vintage style. Our handmade creations are perfect for cosplay conventions, costume parties, theme weddings and events.

From highly detailed custom action figures to cute pin-up aprons and dresses, ActionPink has something for everyone!



Ashley studied Fashion Design and Art History in college. She went on to have a successful career working as a theatrical costume designer for local community theater creating award-winning costumes for a deep range of shows. She now uses the creative and technical skills she gained from years in the theater to design her handmade pieces. She employs the highest standards in her work and has always dreamed to make high quality items for her own website. Together with her loving husband, she designs and creates ActionPink's Unique Handmade items. In addition to that, Ashley is in charge of Drafting Patterns, Sewing, Serging, Cutting Fabric, Shipping, FAQ, Web Design, Moral Support, Hand-Sewing, Sewing Secrets, Painting, Modeling, Laundry, Skull Pillows, Stocking, Supplies, Snacks, Love, Driving, Lint Rolling, and in general anything kitty cat related.



Roderick has been a life-long artist focusing mostly on visual arts including drawing, painting, and photography. He employs his love of science fiction and pop culture to inspire designs for ActionPink's unique handmade items. He is a fair-minded male in support of women's rights and the growing presence of strong female leading characters in entertainment. He doesn't mind, and in fact enjoys, sharing all of the duties equally with his amazing wife. In addition to designing, creating, photographing, and marketing ActionPink's handmade items, he is also in charge of Ironing, Stencils, Painting, Comic Relief, Accounting, Social Media, Cuddling The Boss, Concept Art, Artist Trading Cards, Public Relations, Random Lunch Decisions, Work Day Film Choices, Trimming Seams, and anything needing the use of a Dremel.

In addition to working on ActionPink dresses and aprons, Roderick also customizes action figures! To learn more about his artistic process, or to request a custom action figure, visit his Blog or follow him on Twitter.